I am a player now, too!


I was invited! I think that’s great! I am the important dog and should have been on this for a long time. Now her excuse is that cat incident. She’s quite shaken, silly… And the goat that the cat took – not my favourite goat anyway, not a great loss, if you ask me. Unfortunately I missed the whole thing, don’t even know where I was.

In case you don’t know me: My official name is Sheba. Not that it matters, because I do what I do, and listening is not one of my fortes. I’m just too busy, really.

I live with her and the boss and all those other critters, some ok, some not so, some absolutely not at all, ever, on that place in the bush. Bush is great! Love it. She writes for her folks back in Germany, but now she decided to let me write for the people here in Canada. I am Canadian, after all! It’s all mind to mind transmission, she just does the typing. I hope. Can’t be sure if she puts her own spin on things every once in a while.

So anyway, the fact that the big cat snatched the goat out of the herd and she then realized that another goat was already missing got her in a bit of a weird mood, and she wants to talk about it. It all happened basically with the humans around, rather close to the house and in broad daylight. The boss did not shoot the cat (I would have, you betcha!), he actually seemed to be quite excited about the whole affair. He says, though, that if it comes back a third time, he probably will. My personal opinion is: two goats down, that’s four horns less to worry about. So what’s not to like?

I not saying anymore today, because she does not want to type anymore and I have things to do. I wish I had one of those blue teeth they talk about. It’s hard to depend on people for some rather basic skills. Sample pic of the big kitty is a little further down, in case you did not get what I am talking about. And now we’ll see how it goes with my guest editor job here and if I am not too busy with general security work around the farm. Did I mention that one of my important jobs is to keep an eye on the pigs? I don’t care for them. Would it be mean to push them cougar-way? Don’t know…